And They Shudder

from by Northumberland



The wind is hot and the clouds are dark
But there is more than just shame burning through our hearts
The ground is shakes and my heart it aches
For a place I know that I must fight for
The chaos seeks to reign
But I will see the Morning Star rise again.

Hold to one another in this most frightful hour
The heart that fights alone is that which turns to stone
The fever burns your bones
But fear not child for you are not your own-
The price for your soul you cannot afford
We’d better hope someone will buy us all

Now I hear the song of the multitude-
It is a song I’d never heard but always knew
It was the song that every beat and breath had ever meant
They sung it at my rebirth and now louder after death:

Holy is the Lord who was and is and is to come
Holy is the Lord who was and is and has come.


from Wildebeest, released January 11, 2014

voices and percussion | Lara Sweeney
electric guitar | Brendan De Meillon

written and performed by Northumberland (Lara Sweeney & Brendan De Meillon). recorded, mixed and mastered at HEL Studios (Canberra) by Primrose Cooper and Becki Whitton. vocal arrangements by Lara Sweeney and Becki Whitton. MIDI orchestration by Primrose Cooper. produced and arranged by Primrose Cooper.



all rights reserved


Northumberland Canberra, Australia

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